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How does it work?

Does it hurt?

Does an IPL really work?

Is it safe for my eyes? Do I have to wear eye protection?

Is it safe for my skin?

Is it permanent?

How long does it take to see results?

How often do I need to use it?

How long will the product last?

Which areas of my body I can use this on?

Do I need to shave before using the device?

Are there any skin condition that I shouldn't use MauiSilySkin on?

Will there be any hair regrowth?

Is MauiSilkySkin as safe as a salon IPL?

Why do I need to do top-up treatments?

Why should I begin using MauiSilkySkin for 12 weeks?

Can I use on my eyebrows?

Can I use on my face?

Can I remove hair between treatments?

Why do I have to shave first?

Can I treat my underarms if I have a deodorant on?

Can I use with self-tanning or with tanning products?

Will I see faster results if I use MauiSilkySkin more than once a week?

What if I just had a skin peel treatment?

Can I use over my tattoos?

Can I use while pregnant?

Can I use if I have diabetes?

Are there any medical conditions that I shouldn't use MauiSilkySkin on?

Can I use if I have epilepsy?

Does medication effect my results?